The Mobile Phone Accessible Services Systems (MOPASS)

MOPASS is the system that connects small business with smartphone users and smartphone users with businesses. We control the internet protocol for this vital connection and the network of both customers and businesses for this connection and

  • manage all relays and referrals for businesses
  • Enable customer support for the business against internet and cyber blacklisting
  • Keep the business on the mobile platform so it can target and connects with customers
  • stock and setup and establish a customer support ports for each business so to make it easy for the smartphone users to reconnect with the business
  • manage customers handle and manage all internet and cyber matters for the business

The information age is about to change to benefit only big businesses. Without a MOPASS Certificate you wont be able to target and keep your customers - you will eventually loose them, and that process cannot be reversed once that happens.

The Broader Perspective of The Mobile Phone Accessible Services Systems

Smartphone users are now almost everyone. Smartphone use is almost every time. Most people carry their smartphones with them all the times and are on it for a great deal of time. Therefore, the use of smartphones are now more privelent and the functionality of it is easy now that everyone is learning how to use them.
Now its time to use the smartphones as a tool to access services and make things easier beyond the point of just using it for the internet. Therefore, mopass have already created line and traffic management systems that to make services more easily accessible from businesses to customers.
Also The Card Wallet System to convert business cards into smart business cards and to make those cards interactable from a smartphone card wallet has already been created.

  • MOPASS had also created a system called MAP (Monitor Application Platform) that is setup to allow doctors to monitor their patients while they are away from their doctor's office
  • MOPASS had also created a remote telecast system that will now allow for people abroad to telecast live tributes from their smartphone and those live telecast will be available from telivision set in the location where the functions are being held. An example of such a function is a funeral where all bewishers could not physically attend.
  • We have created live and real time menu for restaurant and a management system that will tell the restaurant what to do and how to handle its FOT
  • Business Management System that will manage businesses.
    That is just to name a few of the factors of MOPASS

MOPASS will also be setting up a system that will allow the public to have free cellphone services and every city to have WIFI services

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