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The B5 Community Basic Plans and Small Businesses Financial Structure

The Design Of Common Implimentation Of Products & Commodities

We noticed that in every city in every walmart store are the same products brought to us by the same brands, and they are every where. Yet in every city there is the common implimentation of that same type store that carry these items. Therefore, the implimentation of the stores that are there that carries the items that they carry. Therefore, there the stores are the first purpose that carries the designed purpose. Also another common implimentation we see is that of the law enforcement body, where this is a huge nationally connected body but yet we see a sample of this in every city, and it works the same way it works and does not take on an organizational approach except that is needed.
The same way that which administers the services and products can administer them in smaller implimentation for each city is the same whay the things that these stores sell can be designed regionally. This will also cut out some of the cost of commerce and some commerce itself.
The money saved from this will allow us to:

  • Produce items cheaper
  • Employ more people and pay them more
  • Produce better quality items

The question of emission and polution

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