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The B5 Community Short Definition

There will never be any advertizing more powerful than person to person referral. Perhaps it is because it is more intimate, more trusted and therefore more believable. True networking starts first with people who know each other and then extends to people who they know and the other people dont know but the other people who they dont know also have other people those people dont know and it goes on and on. in the MOPASS REFERRAL environment we call this B5 (Building by broadening better business). Therefore, the B5 Community is The MOPASS Person to Person Referal System and the way things are done inside this community
MOPASS is the system setup to handle and manage these referrals within the B5 Community.

A strike is a systematic action generated Through MOPASS Referral System about a business through phone calls, experiences, or transaction either with a customer, potential client/customer or a MOPASS AGENT.
A strike is the opposite of a referral and is likely negative. The strike is meant to warn the public against doing business with that person or business. The longer a strike stays active the more it spreads publicly. To remove a strike from our database call the number above so we can review it. If we decide to removed the strike there will be a processing fee

We Inform the public Every business that does business with the public is subject to scrutiny and reviews by our system weither or not a business owner is a MOPASS CARD holder. Any call we make to any business is a review record since this might be our only chance to learn anything about that business. The way you talk to customers or other buisness people is very important and will be revelant to the B5 Community. Any matter that would or could concern a potential customer is a relevant subject matter and as long as this is so we will include those matters in the way we score our strikes. Everything counts. Any business or person doing business that fails to keep their word or honor agreenemts or arrangements or appointments without the propper recources will be strikeable. We cannot concieve of any one who wants to do business with any individual who fail to honor their words. It is our commitment to inform the public about people who conduct business in that way...
A customer service is a definite issue
We are smart enough to know not to seperate service from business since a lot of businesses is about service. Our system and referrals are too intimate to leave open a situation where referred persons can feel that referrals done through our system was a mistake or a disappointment
For example, An auto mechanics shop who swindles their clients is a matter of concern to the B5 Community. We will put out a strike against such a business for the public to know. That strike will remain active until we remove it. We cannot take a person's business license since we did not issue it but we can make recommendations against such a licenses. We intend for our system to be effective in warning the public about bad businesses just as we are motivated in informing them about good businesses through our referral system. It is an equal effort on both sides. We could not establish a true referral system without a strike review.
The best way to go is to get a MOPASS CARD, use its tools and services to develope your customer base support and serve your customers right. You cannot get a strike when you have a MOPASS CARD because they system takes care of issues in a different way when you are a MOPASS CARD HOLDER than when you are a person just doing business in the public without a referral title.
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