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What is MOPASS B5 Community

Today is 2020/10/29
* All members are subjected to the rules and guidelines of The B5 Community. Our rules and terms are to be printed when deals are being made with pther members. In this way a date stamp will be on those documents.

The B5 Community is a network of people committed to supporting each other, under a Guarantee Affirmative Support (GAS) System. The B5 Community's concept and ideal is that the money, the means, and the resources of its members, be spent back within The B5 Community itself, and among its membership. This compels support to every individual member - no matter what their business is. The individual member may be a professional, or a merchant, offering service/goods to the public. This individual can expect to gain customers and/support through the GAS. The individual is then expected to return the support to The B5 Community when he/she needs goods/services, where such goods/services are offered or exists in TheB5 Community. Each individual member this member supports, is obligated to acknowledge the fellow-member each time the support is rendered. The points gained from such acknowledgement will be visible in the system so that fellow members can see this in judging and deciding support for this supporting member.

Now for each individual member, when there comes a need to spend money for your particular kind of goods/services within The B5 Community, will have you in their support liist.

The more support that you will offer within The B5 Community the more support you will get from The B5 Community.

The B5 community will have records of your deeds within The B5 Community once you are acknowledged by those whom you will support.

You will need to have logged in to your Card Wallet whenever you show up to support a card holder. To do this you should simply go to and it will take you into your Card Wallet. You must login there

Any money spent supporting any business outside of the B5 community will not help your chances of getting support from The B5 Community. Saving money because you may get cheaper items or services outside of the B5 is really loosing money. Since that money is spent outside of The B5 Community, The B5 Community is left destitute of what ever that amount is.
When you spend within The B5 Community you are really just recycling funds that will return t o you later in support of your business. The Guarantee Affirmative Support (GAS) System is design to channel support only to individuals who support The B5 Community. Members will not support individuals who - in terms - doesn't have an active support record.
Only what is in our system can be proven so being oblivious about requiring your recognition when you go out to support a fellow member is not rewarding - in terms of gaining benefits in The B5 Community.

Support Group Network

Support group network is what every member will need to establish. It gives the individual power and bargaining power with The B5 Community. Each member is required to gain a network of - at least 100 - people. That 100 strong network is what will begin to establish you within The B5 Community.

How you build your support network

To build a support network you will need a B5 Community Electronic Referral Card to build it on. B5 Click here for that You do not have to own or have a business to have an Electronit Referral Card, you just need to have one to be in The B5 Community to do what you need to do in there. It is a membership-based network

When you decide that you now need support for what you will do in the B5 community you will have your support group of about 10,000 people to network with, because the minimum of 100 person you now have in your network, with each of these individuals having - at least - 100 people within their network adds up to 10,000 people when you multiply 100 by 100. No business can go under with that level of support. This means that you will have 10,000 people to choose from when you need to spend money for anything. It make best sense to first render your support to the 100 that is within your direct support network first since those are people you either know or came in contact with at some time.
To align yourself for support you will need a B5 Community Electronic Referral Card for that support to be conducted on.


1. The B5er owning a business have a support group network to support that business and the B5er that doesn't own a business can start one and expect the support of The B5 Community. This scenario is most obvious by the things we already explained.

2. Also we already implied how the B5 community works for B5ers offering services but lets say - for instance - that you are a B5er who is a musician and seeking support for your new album or support for a live concert that you will put on. In this case not only can you get the support you need but also promote and sell your album and/or tickets through The B5 Community Electronic Referral Card

3. If you are none of the above but just need to stay employed, the B5 community employs you and your obligation is to support The B5 Community just like anybody else. of course you have to have a B5 Community Electronic Referral Card for The B5 Community to support you on. The B5 Community will have plenty of jobs for everyone. However your deed and performance and quality of service will be most vital to us.
No B5er is considered less important than any other, regardless of financial status or social ranking. The B5 Community works the same for everyone, so if you are the rich and affluent that will need the support of the people in your community to survive in business then you will need a B5 status that looks good within your local community which can only be attain by owning a B5 Community Electronic Referral Card and supporting other B5ers in the community. The B5 community will seek ways and means to out-source, boycott, and replace any business in any community that fail to grant adequate support to others, or whose services we dont see as qualified for our support due to lack of coroboration.

Land & About Land Investment

Land for Businesses
4. If you own lands and real estates, that can be your contribution when we launch business plans and seek for investors. Any land or real estate use agreement that we will honor to do business on must be only temporarily while this land is still owned by any one - even a B5er. At the time we decide to centralize the business in question the land must be owned by The B5 Community and all its currently active investors before that business is built or launched on it. No business will be built on any land still owned by its original owner on any terms that could give that individual the right to make decisions that The B5 Community and its investors might not be in favor of, or find to be not in our best interest. For example, raising rent or lease. The B5 community, doing business on such lands or real estates could be the factor causing such entity to value more. Therefore, it is unfair for any land owner to increase charges based on merits he/she did not bring. That is one of the reason why we seek first to centralize our business once we project a successful future in it, and centralize each business on properties we either own or acquiring.

Therefore, be it known to all land owners who will contribute land for profit in business that will be hosted on these lands, that this land that is granted for use is granted for use with the reciepts of permanently profitting in mind. If this business fail then the land return to the owner. Since the building - though temporary - that was placed on the land was placed on the land in the faith that the land owner could profit, if this business fail because of the nature of it, then a more successful business can be placed on this land for the sake of generating a profit. Now also since the land owner granted the land as a contribution for the conducting of for-profit business to the B5 Community, any business that is put there for profit is for the satisfying of such deal. No land owner can contribute land for the conducting of a particular nature of any business but for the conducting of a profitable nature of any business that is profitable. The land return to the business owner if no business can succeed on it.

Now when a building is placed on a land - granted for profit by a B5 Member - for the purpose of doing business:
A. Such a must be first a Temporary and Portable Structure (TAPS). Even after our business analysis, just incause there was an uncaught error in our analysis
B. The products of the business is what matters most. Therefore, we must first test the sample of the products and see that that is useful in our daily lives before we pour large sums of money in this business. If this business works then we will compose a more permanant structure. At this time we will seek to make a permanent agreement with the land owner. Even if we buy the land from him, the fact that he already granted the land for the trial purpose, whose result is now a success make him entitled to the profits that the business will incurre. Therefore, since he is entitled either way then there is no benefit to us to buy his land but to continue doing business on it....
The whole point and reason why we include the subject of land in The B5 Community Documents is because land owners tend to be abusive and unfair. The B5 Community is mot here to satisfy the unfair desires of anyone. This was for that reason and problem we intend to solve when we created this community.
  • The land owner is required to input 7% of funds if this group is 10 people or less but his/her input shall not exceed 7%, neither shall it be any less. If the land owner is using his land to accomodate an investmet that involve more than 10 people then his imput shall be 5% of the financial capital instead of 7%. If the group is more than 20 people but less than 40, then the land owner is required to input 2.5% of the financial capital required to launch this project.
    Any group of colaborators that is in the amount of 40 or more, shall not require a land owner investment. This land must be bought and owned, either by this group or raising money from the B5 Community members in general. Of this money that can be raised, no one member is allowed to contribute more than 5% of that amount raised to purchase the land.

    • Anyone whose land shall be used inside the B5 to accomodate a B% Community project must first be a member of the b5 community, this way this person is bind to the terms of the by Community. Even if such a one rescind his membership to The B5 Community at a later date, this person shall still be required to conduct self according to The B5 Community rules. No court sall rule otherwise.


    You or anyone within the B5 Community can start a business or service at any time and The B5 Community will put up the funds and means to start such business., or you can get support from The B5 Community in any way you need support or anything you need it in. To achieve this

    you will need to do the following:

    Have to be active within The B5 Community and establish a support group network of at least 100 people. This means that you distributing MOPASS CARD for other B5ers and getting people to save them, starting first with the people you know best and are closest to you such as people from your phone contact list.
    You have to have a record that you actually are supporting other B5ers

    Have a MOPASS CARD at the time you are requesting support (need to have card at least 6 months in advance) .
    You must me knowledgeable in the area you are requesting the support. For example, if you are going into a business you must know something about that business or/and have some type of experience that will tell fellow-members that you are indeed competent to manage the service and money they the will intend to invest in your business/project.

    You will need to present 2 business plans. The first one is a preliminary plan outlining the business idea and how and why you think the idea will be feasible should The B5 Community decide to support it. Then if the idea is relished then you put forward a preliminary well detailed as to how much money is needed and the break-down analysis of all these expenses. Every Factor will be needed to be shown. You cannot give us an idea of what you think things are. You have to experience what is in the plan. This means that you will have to talk with those who will offer service/s and find out the amount it will actually cost and get the best deal estimates. In other words some foot works is needed to be done by the proposer. You have to position yourself in this business and get a real life test of what it will be like doing business. What we want to avoid in these circumstances is in-calculated risks and The B5 Community loosing funds on a matter that was not well sought out.

    The MOPASS business management system will help you to run and manage the business. If we are loaning money then we require that the business be run through our systems which will ensure quality and excellence to our investing membership and general membership and the public at large. All financial transactions and documents and sales and other activities within the business must be uploaded to the system through the Mobile Phone Accessible Services System (MOPASS) so that our investors can witness the activities of the business and know the status
    By now it should be obvious that all you will need to start a business, project or anything is good ideas and be ready and able to manage and execute those ides. Once you are ready The B5 Community will make all of that possible once you are showing consistent and active support for other B5ers in their endeavors.


    1. The B5 Community have no interest in corporate businesses or their ownership except the business will be corporatized within the B5 Community. Therefore, no member can own more than 3 MOPASS. This means that if you own 3 businesses at 3 different locations you will be allowed 1 MOPASS for each. You can then corporatize your business adding more locations within the B5 community through our corporate business management matrix and systems. Our reason for dis-allowing corporate businesses within our community is because it doesn't benefit us while this business owner would come in and eat up support from our community by way of us supporting his business without donating any longivity to or within The B5 Community or earned support record. The B5 Community will not be a prey for any corporate ownership.

    2. The B5 Community will select a leader and an assistant leader for every city. That individual, while holding any of those two positions, run for any local, state or federal government office while still holding those offices. That B5er must first give up that office before seeking electorate. This does not mean that the individual is effected or disqualified from The B5 Community, it simply means what it said - one cannot hold a public government office and be within his/her city's B5 leadership at the same time. Such happenings would compromise The B5 Community and reduce the level of attention needed to effectively carryout that position. Any other B5er not holding such positions can run for any government office at any time, and should - by all means - be granted our support as long as our interests are covered by the policies and resolutions proposed.

    3. No person shall be banded or exempted from our community because of his/her race or position on race, or their concepts or philosophy on race. This person shall not be fired from any position held within the B5 Community because of such beliefs or tendencies. Let a forum be called and those beliefs systems be put forward and examine the logic or sense of those philosophy. If when such a person be called upon to explain their position on race, that person fail to arrive a logical conclusion that can be proven, or the person failed to validate his/her statements and their cannot be found any failed system/s in their up bringings to blame for that tendencies, then that person is found guilty of in-excusable hate and will not be welcome within our community.

    Our objective in race matters is not to judge or condemn any person because of mere beliefs or concepts but to examine every matter and to educate our members where need and guide them in the right path.
    With respect to the context mentioned above regarding a person with racist beliefs, while a debate is pending against the beliefs of such person, if his/her actions involve actively discriminating or depriving any fellow- members of any services/positions/benefits based on his/her racial beliefs, or if that person is found to be disruptive to The B5 Community or spreading any message or theory capable of disrupting The B5 Community or threatening the safety of any B5 community member or generate any hate towards himself or his fellow-members, or in any way can be said to prevent The B5 Community from being less productive and effective as it can be - them by all means - let his/her membership be terminated.
    While the B5 Community is not the enforcer of civil rights laws, no member is allowed to offend others by words or deeds. Any energy or spirit that is incapable of being productive or making others productive or better is not to be exercised within our community.

    The B5 community is about ownership managing and acquisitions of businesses and mastering commerce throughout the globe. All those businesses, and economies will be owned by its members and their families. This means that its members will be wealthy. Any member within The B5 Community who will decease in the future and wish for their children or any family to inherit their acquisitions and assets must ensure that those family members first join The B5 Community and become active members - children though those families may be.
    Your years within The B5 Community with your deeds will be a factors in determining prestige.

    4. Any man who work and have assets within The B5 Community have the right to their assets and accumulation upon ejection regardless of the reason/s their membership was terminated. Therefore this person must be given a period of 18 months to sell out his/her assets. The person can sell their assets to a current B5 member or an in-coming member. However his asset will only be worth to him what it was worth at the time of his dismissal. This means that an evaluation of all his/her assets shall be conducted to determine his/her volume and that evaluation must be done within the first 6 weeks following his dismissal.
    If the member being dismissed, have family members within The B5 Community. That/those family members are qualified to have his/her assets turned over to them, if the departing member so choose. While assets may be transcended, no person's family member shall be punished for any deed done by that member whether those deeds be good or bad. This means that a family member cannot be held accountable for any other family member and shall not be penalized for actions or deeds or any matter committed by his family which causes his/her dismissal.


    If we don't take over some small businesses in the local community we will loose our business community. Most small business are not properly run and the services they provide are not up to the standards that the people require. As such we decided to institute an intimate electronic referral system to properly handle person to person referrals, and the conditions by which a person or business will be scored on will be by the amount of people who actually save that person's electronic MOPASS card ( we require - at least - 100 card savers before a business is qualified for networking). Any review system that does not setup to avoid a business entering false or skewed up review is not a credible review system. Businesses such as the Yellow Pages that are business information and phone number database systems, are not suitable systems for managing referrals and reviews as such have no way of validating the reviews entered on with them, and cannot prove whether those reviews are earned. Therefore, as a true referral and review system, we cannot allow such reviews to preside or compete against the true reviews and referrals carried out by the B5 Community.

    We, The B5 Community through MOPASS (The Mobile Phone Accessible Services System) on behalf of all the smartphone users population and the public at-large, register the right to verify, announce and propagate:
    The deeds and spirits of a business and/or its ownership as we know it.

    Any matter or behaviors about a business or its ownership/management that we believe the public may be interested to know whether those are positive or negative happenings.
    Recommend against the issuing or renewal of a business license for any reasons we perceive that such a business is not operating in the best interest of the public or that business may be offensive to members of the public or its B5 Community.
    Initiate and publish systematic strikes against a business. Archive and add to the strikes we generated against that business and forward those strikes and reveal those database to the public and licensing departments as needed.

    Our strategy is to replace a business with a business. This means that we will create a business of that kind and direct the public to the business that we create.
    What we require for business to be qualified against a strike or be on our replacement list

    1. We require all business at all times to have an active MOPASS Electronic Card for its referral management. This is setup at the following link The fee for the card is $100 a year . If you wish to be able to upload multimedia and gallery to your Electronic Card then the cost for that will be $300 a year. Once you get done you will be redirected straight into your electronic card. An Email will be sent to the email address you setup the card with. That email sent to you will have all the necessary links. Please pay attention to your card number as you will need to know your card number to access your card and to direct people on how to access and save your card. Anyone's Electronic MOPASS Card can be instantly accessed at all times by visiting , enter that card number and click "VIEW"

    2. Get - at least - 100 people to save that card within the first year - the earlier getting this done is better because that 100 card savers must be reached before that business can properly network.
    3. The credit card that you placed on file for your card service must always be valid. It is your responsibility to verify that that card is indeed valid and to change it where necessary. We will only keep one card active for you at all times so the invalid will need to be replaced. At all times you can click on "Open/Close Panel" from your MOPASS Card and then click on "MANAGE" then click on "UPDATE CHARGE CARD" from that page. If you don't see those options from your card then you will need to log in first.
    Business Acquisitions Strategies
    Business amalgamation (take over) is one of our main focus.

    What is a B5 Community Business?

    A business to us is simply demands and supply. In other words a market that needs certain goods/services and a setup that is willing and capable of meeting those demand for that market in the best way. Our goal is to make our business relevant to the public and to make doing business with us more attractive to the public. Therefore we give the ownership of such business to the public by collecting money from them to establish that business. With the B5 Community public and their families owning that business, they now have a say in how that business is being run and also, obviously, will support that business since it belongs to them.
    We set a minimum and a maximum investment input based on how many people we wish to own that particular business. The goal is to get as many people in The B5 Community as possible to own that business as long as that member is not too large to where it wouldn't make sense for the investor. When a member of the public have more money to invest than is required for a particular business we encourage that person to invest in more than one B5 Community business. Our system will calculate and manage all his investments.

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